2nd ISPRS/EuroSDR GEOBENCH workshop

GEOBENCH workshop

23-24 October 2023

Krakow, Poland


The 2nd ISPRS/EuroSDR GEOBENCH workshop  - Evaluation and BENCHmarking of Sensors, Systems and GEOspatial Data in Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing - will take place on 23-24 October 2023 in Krakow, Poland.

The main focus of the workshop is to discuss and assess algorithms and sensors for collecting and generating spatial data resources. The GEOBENCH workshop is therefore appropriate for those willing to extend their knowledge in the fields of photogrammetry and remote sensing and to present evaluations of sensors (camera, scanners, GNSS, etc.), platforms (UAV, UGV, ROV, AUV, MMS, etc.) and algorithms (SLAM, PPP/RTK, MVS, NeRF, Scan2BIM, etc.) in the sector as well as new benchmarks.

• JUHA HYYPPÄ (FGI, Finland): "Benchmarking forestry 3D mapping"
• CHARLES TOTH (Ohio State Univ., USA): "Positioning and navigating geospatial sensors"
• NORBERT HAALA (Stuttgart Univ., Germany): "Yet another benchmark – is there still need for general purpose evaluation on 3D point cloud classification?”
• MAARTEN BASSIER (KU Leuven, Belgium): "Benchmarking construction site monitoring with close-range sensing”

Abstract Submission: 7 July 2023 (ca 2 pages, with figures)
• Notification to Authors: 28 July 2023
• Full Paper Submission: 8 September 2023 (ISPRS format, max 8 pages)

More info: https://geobench.fbk.eu/

We are looking forward to seeing you in Krakow in October 2023 for another successful and interesting GEOBENCH workshop!

Kind regards,
Organizing Committee